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Campbell Library

East Grand Forks

New Library
The new Campbell Library, to be built across from Sherlock Park downtown.
Photo: Alan Draves

The East Grand Forks Campbell Library was destroyed by the flood. The library was formerly located on Second St. NW downtown, near the river. They lost all their books, as well as the building.

Old Library
The old library after the flood.
Photo: Brian Moe
Old Library
Interior of the old library after the flood.
Photo: Alan Draves

The Campbell Library moved to the Nash Park warming house on the north side of East Grand Forks after the flood. Their temporary location is much smaller than the old library. The library received many donations of books after the flood.

The new Campbell Library will be built on Fourth St. NW in downtown East Grand Forks, across from Sherlock Park. Construction should begin this spring. The library is selling a book about the flood, A Small Town's War, to raise money for furnishing the new library. Click here to order the book.

Temporary Library
The temporary library in Nash Park.
Photo: Alan Draves
Book signing
Author Jennifer Quam and East Grand Forks Mayor Lynn Stauss signing copies of the flood book A Small Town's War in the Holiday Mall, April 17, 1999.
Photo: Alan Draves

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The library is also selling engraved bricks to raise money for furnishing the new library. The bricks purchased by library supporters are currently on display in the Riverwalk Center. The bricks will be placed in a wall inside the library when it is built this summer.

Photo: Alan Draves

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Flood book
Charlotte Helgeson, Campbell Library Director, and Mike Pokrzywinski, Chairman of the Friends of the Campbell Library, selling copies of A Small Town's War at the Holiday Mall.
Photo: Alan Draves


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