Hurricane Floyd Flooding

Hurricane Floyd has caused record flooding in eastern North Carolina and New Jersey. Many communities in eastern North Carolina and central New Jersey are affected. At least 48 people have lost their lives. In Bound Brook, N.J., a fire destroyed four downtown buildings, and damaged many homes. In eastern North Carolina, fifteen to twenty inches of rain fell, causing record flooding. Homes and businesses in many towns were damaged or destroyed. Many farmers lost crops and livestock. The flood left several communities without water and power.

Residents in many communities returned to find massive destruction. Water reached the rooftops of some houses. Some houses floated off their foundations. When residents enter their homes, they are greeted by that awful smell Grand Forks residents remember well. People are dragging soggy furniture to the berm and ripping out sheetrock. Many North Carolina residents are living in FEMA camping trailers. Some communities have buyout programs for homes in flood-prone areas. Other residents are looking for ways to repair their homes.

The same areas flooded by Hurricane Floyd received heavy rainfall from Hurricane Irene and experienced more flooding.

A Flood of Memories in North Carolina (A Grand Forks Herald reported visits Princeville N.C., one of the hardest hit towns.)

To learn more about the flooding, visit one of these sites:

North Carolina Hurricane Relief Info. State web site with flood information for many eastern North Carolina communities. Information on how you can help.

Hurricane Floyd Flooding in Rocky Mount N.C. Area - Flood photos, links to other flood pages, how you can help.

City of Rocky Mount Flood Information - Official city information, flood photos.

City of Princeville NC - Official website of Princeville, NC, the community hardest hit by flooding.

Princeville's Adoption - Princeville, NC flood photos, links, how you can help.

WRAL-TV Hurricane Floyd Page - Flood news stories and photos.

WRAL-TV Project Rebuild Page - News stories about rebuilding efforts.

News and Observer Hurricane Floyd Page - Charlotte NC newspaper's flood stories.

Franklin VA Flood Flushers - High school class helps their town recover from flooding. Flood photos, how you can help.

FEMA Hurricane Floyd Update - Flood photos.

Goldsboro News-Argus - Flood stories and pictures from Goldsboro N.C.

New Bern NC Sun Journal Hurricane Floyd Coverage. Flood news from New Bern N.C.

Hurricane Watch - New Jersey. This newspaper site has articles and photos from Bound Brook and other central New Jersey communities.

Bound Brook Net - Flood information from Bound Brook N.J.

Hurricane Floyd Aftermath Photos - Flood photos from Mount Olive N.C.

Kinston News Record Flood Coverage - Flood photos from Kinston N.C.

Aerial Views of Floyd's Flood Damage - Flood photos

Aftermath of Hurricane Floyd - Charlotte Observer flood news stories and photos.

Flood Photos from Williamsburg VA - Flood photos from a Williamsburg resident's home.

How You Can Help

You can call the following numbers to volunteer to help rebuild:

Methodist Flood Relief (800) 790-7773
Baptist Disaster Recovery (252) 641-0495

The sites below have information on how you can help. Many of the sites above also have information on how you can help.

You can donate to Lutheran Disaster Response online by clicking here. If you are interested in volunteering to help clean up and rebuild in eastern North Carolina, call George Strunk of Lutheran Disaster Response at 1-888-336-4250.

N.C. Conference United Methodist Church Hurricane Floyd Relief

Pitt County Red Cross - Flood relief information for Greenville N.C., also flood pictures.

Pitt County, N.C. (Greenville) has set up a Disaster Relief Fund. Money from the fund goes directly to flood victims. To donate, send checks to the Pitt County Finance Office, Pitt County Disaster Relief Fund, 1717 W. Fifth St., Greenville, N.C. 27834.

City of Franklin VA Flood Page - Help Franklin VA rebuild.

Somerset County N.J. Flood Information - Bound Brook N.J.

To see how a city recovers from a major flood, explore the 1997 Grand Forks Flood website.

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