My Flood Story

by Suzie Thorson, Retired Director, United Day Nursery

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As for the grants I wrote, many of the foundations informed me they had given money to the North Dakota Community Foundation which was for flood recovery. However, others came through loud and clear and gave thousands of dollars for United Day Nursery's reconstruction. (The North Dakota Community Foundation also provided a large grant.) It was unbelieveable. We were so blessed. Now when I went to the Church's Property Committee, I could say we have X-number of dollars for the construction of a kitchen, etc. And that is when they gave us permission to go for it. It was a tremendous amount of work but so rewarding.

Donations also started coming in - from churches, parents of our children, friends, relatives, and complete strangers that heard about our devastation. The donations came in the way of educational toys, blankets, and money. Again, it was unbelieveable.

We have a poster that says "A miracle in progress - United Day Nursery" and that is exactly what it is. God was with us every step of the way giving us strength to continue day after day and guidance so that we walked the right path. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without Him, we would not be moving into our newly reconstructed area on June 22nd. United Day Nursery is now better than it has ever been!

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Rebuilding the Spectrum
Rebuilding the Spectrum, April 1998.
Photo: Alan Draves
New Kitchen
Our new kitchen, completed March 1998.
Photo: Alan Draves
Flood helper
Suzie Thorson and one of the many people who helped.
Photo: Alan Draves
Dedication of the rebuilt Spectrum classroom, July 2, 1998.
Photo: Alan Draves

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