Canada Townlist Update Dec. 2004


AB LLOYDMINSTER    (Previously reported from SK, first report from AB)


   RANKIN INLET    (Formerly Rankin Inlet, NWT)



CFPO 7505

	B2A 3S8
	B2W 3E7
	B3J 3K1
	B4N 1K6
	B5A 1E9

	C1A 4B7
	C1A 4Z1

	E1C 1E8
	E1C 8L3
	E1N 1B4
	E2L 1G3
	E2L 4X4
	E3B 1B6
	E3B 5N5
	E3B 6H5
	E7M 5L3
	G0C 1Z0
	G1N 3Y5
	G1V 1T2 / PQ
	G2J 1A9
	G3A 2E6
	H1G 3J5
	H1R 1Z7
	H1Y 2A2
	H2L 2M7
	H3A 1T1
	H3A 3C6
	H3B 2Y5
	H3B 3H4
	H3B 4S9
	H3B 4W5
	H3B 4X9
	H3B 5E6
	H3C 3R5
	H3E 1H7
	H3M 3E6
	H4N 1S2
	H4R 1V6
	H4R 2E7
	H4R 2H2
	H4S 1E8
	H4S 1V4
	H4T 1K2
	H4T 1S7
	H7V 4A7
	H9J 3Z4
	H9X 5X5

	J0V 1E0
	J2J 1J9
	J4B 7L4
	J4B 5Z5
	J8C 3A3

	K0A 2Z0
	K0C 1H0
	K0E 1T0
	K0G 1J0
	K1G 0Z1
	K1J 1A1
	K1N 7B7
	K1N 8A2
	K1P 5E7
	K1P 5G4
	K1P 5H9
	K1P 5Y7
	K1P 6B9
	K1S 1X1
	K1S 2G6
	K1Y 2E9
	K1Y 4E9
	K1Y 4X5
	K1Z 6X4
	K2C 3V4
	K2H 1C6
	K2P 1P1
	K2P 1R9
K2S 1B8
K6V 3P5
K7A 1E7
K7G 2T6
K7G 3E4
K7H 1J1
K7H 1P7
K7H 3E3
K7K 3J4
K7L 4X4
K7M 1L8
K7M 1V5
K8N 3A9
K8N 5H5
K8N 5T7
K9J 7B2

L0M 1S0
L0R 1B1
L0R 1X0
L1A 3W4
L1A 4H1
L1J 2K5
L1S 2G8
L1W 3R6
L2E 6X8
L2M 6S9
L2R 3W4
L2S 3V6
L3M 4G4
L3R 2N7
L3R 2V7
L3R 3S1
L3R 4B2
L3R 4E6
L3R 5B1
L3R 6H3
L3R 9R7
L3R 9W2
L3S 3J1
L3V 6L4
L4B 1A3
L4B 1H1
L4B 4N1
L4H 2G4
L4K 2A5
L4K 2X2
L4L 5T7
L4L 8H1
L4M 4W5
L4M 4Z2
L4N 8Z5
L4R 4V9
L4T 1G3
L4V 1H5
L4V 1K2
L4V 1R8
L4V 1T8
L4W 1B7
L4W 2S5
L4W 2S6
L4W 2T7
L4W 5G9
L4W 5K5
L4W 5M3   (also exists without space, L4W5M3)
L4Z 1X2
L4Z 3Y4
L5A 1W7
L5B 1M2
L5B 1M3
L5B 3C3
L5B 3T8
L5C 4R9
L5J 2M4
L5J 4E7
L5K 1Z8
L5N 1V8
L5N 2X7
L5N 4C4
L5N 5N3
L5N 5P9
L5N 5V4
L5N 6J5
L5N 7H5
L5N 8B3
L5R 3G5
L5R 3Z9
L5R 4B5
L5R 4B6
L5R 4E6
L5T 1W1
L5T 2H7
L5T 2J8
L5T 2R4
L5T 2V5
L6C 1Z7
L6C 2S3
L6M 3G4
L6S 6H2
L6T 1E8
L6T 1G8
L6T 4K4
L6T 5A2
L6T 5E5
L6T 5H5
L6X 1C9
L6X 4J2
L7G 4B3
L7L 2A4
L7L 5H9
L7L 5Y4
L7L 6G4
L7N 3J5
L7P 5B1
L8E 3V1
L8N 1E8
L8P 4N6
L9W 1E5
L9W 3V2
L9Y 1W9

M1B 1Y4
M1H 3C4
M1K 5G4
M1L 4C9
M1P 3E6
M1R 2T5
M1R 5B3
M1S 3C7
M1V 2P9
M1W 3W6
M1X 1B7
M2J 1S5
M2J 4G8
M2J 4W8
M2J 5B6
M2N 6K9
M2N 6N5
M2N 6X7
M2P 2A9
M2P 2B5
M2R 5B3
M3A 3R3
M3B 1Z2
M3B 2W8
M3C 1L9
M3C 1V9
M3C 1Y9
M3J 2Z4
M3J 3C6
M3K 1G4
M4H 1P4
M4P 2E5
M4R 2E4
M4S 1Y5
M4T 1X3
M4V 2Y7
M4W 1J2
M4W 1T1
M4W 3L4
M4W 3N1
M4Y 1P2
M5B 2J6
M5C 2E3
M5C 2V9
M5C 3B2
M5G 1X5
M5G 1X6
M5G 2G1
M5G 2K8
M5G 2N5
M5H 1N1
M5H 2A4
M5H 2R7
M5H 2Y4
M5H 3M7
M5H 3P5
M5H 3R3
M5H 3T9
M5J 1H8
M5J 2R8
M5J 2T3
M5K 1A2
M5R 1M3
M5S 1N5
M5S 2C6
M5S 2V6
M5T 1N1
M5V 1J9
M5V 1T2
M5V 2L4
M5V 3B5
M6A 2V6
M6A 3B6
M6K 1Y7
M6K 3B9
M6K 3C2
M6N 3N2
M6N 4J6
M6P 3X1
M6R 2L7
M8Z 1K5
M8Z 4X5
M9B 6C7
M9B 6H6
M9B 6J9
M9B 6K3
M9C 5E9
M9C 5K6
M9C 5P7
M9L 1P4
M9L 1V2
M9M 2G8
M9W 1P1
M9W 5A5
M9W 6J7
M9W 6M3
M9W 6Y1

N0B 1E0
N0E 1N0
N0G 2V0
N1G 2W1
N1H 6P2
N1R 5S9
N1R 7K9
N2C 1A6
N2J 2B1
N2J 4M1
N2L 3G	(this one does not show the full postal code)
N2L 3G1
N2L 5C6
N2L 5J3
N2V 1C2
N3H 4R7
N3T 5S8
N3T 5T5
N4K 5P8
N4K 5W9
N5V 4T7
N5W 4C8
N5W 5V5
N5Y 5S6
N6A 5P6
N6B 2V3
N6E 1M3
N6N 1B4
N7L 1A8
N7T 7J4
N7T 8G6
N8A 5E5
N8H 1N9
N8H 3W8
N8M 2C7
N8W 3R4
N8X 1L4
N8X 3J3
N9A 4N1
N9A 6R4
N9C 3Y6
N9V 2Z6

P0T 1C0
P0T 2E0
P6A 6J8
P7B 5G7
P8N 2Z5

R0G 0B0
R0G 1G0
R0G 1W0
R0G 2B0
R0G 2P0
R1A 0W6
R2J 2M6
R2K 2P7
R2M 3Z9
R2M 5G9
R2R 2V5
R2X 1R3
R2X 2V5
R2X 2V7
R2X 3A2
R3A 1R9
R3B 2E4
R3B 2K6
R3B 3H6
R3C 0C3
R3C 0T6
R3C 1K1
R3C 2H5
R3C 2N5
R3C 3A7
R3C 3J3
R3C 3S1
R3C 3T1
R3C 3X1
R3C 3Z3
R3C 4L5
R3C 4M6
R3E 0V9
R3E 2S5
R3E 3E7
R3E 3H4
R3G 0M8
R3G 3H7
R3H 0N2
R3H 0S6
R3J 1H9
R3J 3T7
R3L 2T4
R3N 2B3
R9A 1K8

S0L 1R0
S4P 3X2
S4P 4H8
S6H 2S1
S7K 0J5

T0H 3N0
T0K 2S0
T0M 1W0
T1H0H6	(no space in postal code)
T1J 0H8
T1J 4R3
T1K 7N9
T2B 3M4
T2B 3R3
T2C 4T6
T2E 8T4
T2G 4E1
T2G 4E6
T2G 4R8
T2G 5K9
T2J 6A5
T2N 3Y9
T2P 0J1
T2P 0M2
T2P 3E5
T2P 3L8
T2P 3Y7
T2P 5L3
T2R 0A8
T2R 1L8
T2W 1G4
T2W 3N2
T2W 4X9
T3A 2N1
T3G 3T2
T4E 1B8
T4H 1P6
T4S 1A1
T5B 1M6
T5C 3C8
T5G 0W7
T5G 3E5
T5H 3L8
T5H 4B9
T5H 4H8
T5K 1M4
T5L 3H3
T5L 4R6
T5M 2T9
T5M 3Y1
T5S 1K9
T5S 1M3
T5S 2P3
T5W 5H2
T6E 4N7
T6E 4S1
T6E 5G2
T6E 5H5
T6E 5K2
T6E 6A5
T6H 2H9
T6N 1C2
T6P 1J6
T7X 3X3
T8V 0T9
T9E 6X6

V1Y 6L2
V2A 1Z4
V2S6H1	(no space in postal code)
V2Y 1N5
V3N 2M5
V3W 4N5
V4G 1A7
V5A 2X2
V5A 4N6
V5C 6N3
V5G 4T9
V5H 4J7
V5Y 1E4
V5Y 1K9
V6C 1S4
V6C 3P1
V6E 2K3
V6E 3P3
V6E 4A6
V6E 4B1
V6G 4G2
V6L 2W6
V6M 2C9
V6P 3G2
V6P 6G2
V6V 1X4
V6V 2G4
V6Z 1S4
V7A 4V5
V7J 1H1
V7P 3R7
V7P 3S1
V8V 3P4
V8W 1J8
V8W 3Y7
V8X 2A1
V9L 1N8
V9S 5T7
V9Y 5J7

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Please report any new Canada towns (including postal codes on the new digital meters) to:  
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Please include the EXACT spelling of town as shown in the town mark, 
and meter number (if legible) in all reports.                                  

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