Meter Stamp Society U.S. Townlists

Symbols Used in Townlists

These files are updates and additions to the U.S. Townlist formerly published by the Meter Stamp Society.  The listings are subject to change without notice.  The townlists 
may contain typographical errors.  These files have NOT been checked against
the most recent Zip Code Directory.

The on-line files include errors and varieties, station names, zip codes, etc.

The downloadable files are self-extracting ZIP files.  Running the file will 
produce the 58 townlist files in text format, and this file.  You can select
either the complete townlists, or a smaller version listing only the towns,
without the errors, stations, zip codes, etc.  The text files can be imported
into most word processing or database programs.

Collectors are encouraged to check their collections against these lists,
and to report any unlisted items, or typographical errors.  When reporting
new townmarks, please include EXACT spelling in townmark, and meter number.
For Mailed From Zip Code, APO, and FPO townmarks, and errors, send a 
photocopy if possible.

Send reports to:  Alan Draves, Box 2009, Cridersville OH  45806.

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Symbols Used In Townlists

(no symbol before town name) - Town exists with listed spelling in standard CITY | STATE townmark format. No errors, varieties, branches, stations, zip codes, etc. have been reported. * This town exists with the listed spelling in the standard CITY | STATE townmark format. In addition, errors, varieties, station or branch names, zip codes, etc. also exist. % The listed spelling exists only as part of a branch, station, or zip code townmark. The listed spelling has NOT been reported in a townmark with the standard CITY | STATE format. Other spellings may also exist. # The listed spelling appears in postal directories, but has NOT been reported in townmarks. Other spellings (errors or varieties) do exist in townmarks. & The listed spelling appears in postal directories. The exact spelling in the townmark is not known. E Error. Town name is misspelled. V Variety. Town name is abbreviated, or shows an alternate spelling. B Station or branch name in townmark. (Townmark must also include the name of the parent post office in some form, otherwise it will be listed as a separate town). Note that the townlists currently do NOT include station names appearing in slogans. O Zone number in townmark. Z Zip Code in townmark. See also 'P', 'N', 'R', 'C', and 'F'. F Zip Code in PB electronic meter townmark. N Zip Code in Neopost townmark. R Zip Code in Francotyp-Postalia electronic meter townmark. P Zip Code in PVI townmark. C Zip Code in computer-printed postage indicia (any manufacturer). M Modified townmark, made by removing one or more letters from the townmark, either to correct an error or to use the town circle in a different town. These townmarks will be off center or have gaps between the letters. The removed portion is shown between the [ ] symbols. S State variety. (The townlists do NOT include all state varieties at this time). T State error. (The townlists do NOT include all state errors at this time). | This symbol in station/branch, zone, and zip code townmarks is used to separate the wording in the upper portion of the townmark from that in the lower portion. The | symbol does not actually appear in the townmark. When the | symbol appears at the end of the listing, this means that the townmark wording is all on one line, or all in the top portion of the circle. [] These symbols show what was removed from modified townmarks. In the actual townmark, there is a blank space where the letter(s) enclosed in [] were removed. This results in an off-center townmark. Top Return to U.S. Townlist Page.
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