U.S. Townlist Download

The downloadable townlist files are ZIP files.  You can use any program capable of opening ZIP  
files to extract the 58 townlist files in text format, and the townlist notes file.  
You can select either the complete townlists, or a smaller version listing only
the towns, without the errors, stations, zip codes, etc.  The text files can be
imported into most word processing or database programs.

Before Downloading

    Recommend creating a separate folder on your computer for the townlist files.

After Downloading

    Extract the files to the desired folder using any program that will open ZIP files.

    The .zip file may be deleted after extracting the individual townlist files.

    View the files with a word processor, or import into a database or spreadsheet program.

Download Complete U.S. Townlist (ustown.zip)  04/30/2019

Download Basic U.S. Townlist (Towns Only) (ustl.zip)  04/30/2019

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