United Day Nursery
Flood of 1997

Chapter Five

Back Home Again

The UDN Moving Company

United Day Nursery Director Suzie Thorson writes...

In between the meetings, grant writing, and regular administrative duties, we had to move from school to school because of mold first, then back again, then because of asbestos, then back again, so they could clean the school for the fall session - then HOME TO UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH. For me the moves were simply something we had to do to take care of the children. It took a lot of muscle and was very tiring but it had to be done. The staff was fantastic - it was the working together (including our families) that made it possible.

Our first home away from home was the Head Start Building, next to Lake Agassiz school. As our enrollment increased during the month of May, some of our children moved to classrooms in Lake Agassiz School.

On June 17, black mold was discovered in Lake Agassiz School, and we were evacuated to Ben Franklin School. We returned to Lake Agassiz the following Monday, June 23, after the mold had been removed. The remaining United Day Nursery classes moved out of the Head Start Building into Lake Agassiz School at this time, as Head Start needed their classrooms for their summer session.

On July 28, we had to move again, this time to Winship School. Lake Agassiz School was closed so asbestos could be removed. We had to be extra careful at Winship because the building had already been cleaned for the start of school in the fall.

On August 5, the power was restored to United Lutheran Church, and we started cleaning and setting up at United. Temporary classrooms were set up on the second floor for the Spectrum children, who lost their classroom in the flood. Our lunches were catered in as we had lost the kitchen in the flood.

On August 13, we returned HOME TO UNITED! We celebrated by holding our annual parade around the block. Most years, we do this around the Fourth of July, but 1997 was not a normal year in Grand Forks.

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How did we survive all the moves from school to school?

United Day Nursery staff members write...

What were your thoughts when we finally got back to United Lutheran Church?

United Day Nursery staff members write...

Blue Corner
The Spectrum children moved to second floor classrooms
Back to our own playground

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