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Suzie Thorson

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Suzie Thorson has retired as of December 31st. She has been with United Day Nursery since 1972. Suzie will truly be missed by all the staff and parents of United. We wish you and Lyle the best.

A Message from Suzie Thorson...

Dear Parents,

It is really hard to believe this is my last month at United Day Nursery. I have spent twenty-six wonderful years here - the last fifteen and a half as Director. I will dearly miss the children we nurture and the staff, but I feel it is time to step down. It's time for me to relax and spend more time with my husband, our children and grandchildren.

I have been Blessed with a job that has been so challenging at times but extremely rewarding. United Day Nursery has met the needs of the community by providing quality child care. It has met the needs of its staff by providing the best working environment and benefits possible. And, most importantly, it has met the needs of the children by preparing them to succeed in school and beyond. This has not been a job, it has been an exciting adventure. I have always enjoyed coming to work and that is why I feel Blessed.

If I can leave you with one thought, it would be this. Be a good role model for your children. This may sound trivial but it is so important. You are the most important people in their lives. They learn their words, expressions, and actions from you. They love you and think you are the most wonderful person in the whole world. You are the one that has to give them the solid foundation upon which to build. This is a commitment that takes lots of love, patience, understanding, determination, being consistant, and prayer. This is a commitment to your child - the most precious person in your life.

Thank you, and may God Bless each and every one of you.

Suzie Thorson

A Letter from the President of our Board...

After over twenty-six years of loyal and dedicated service to United Day Nursery, Avis "Suzie" Thorson, Director of UDN, has announced her retirement which will become effective December 31, 1998.

While the news of Suzie's retirement is met with a degree of sadness by all of us, we are very thankful for all she has done to help make United Day Nursery what it is today - one of the finest day-care centers in the country!

We join together in congratulating and thanking Suzie for her tireless efforts and personal dedication to serving the needs of so many families and young children from throughout our community. Never has she lost focus of providing high quality care in a Christian environment.

We are especially grateful for Suzie's professsional leadership over these past eighteen months. Our community suffered a devastating blow and unfortunately, UDN was no exception. But Suzie, together with a tremendous staff, forged ahead determined to recreate an even better UDN. As we tour our "new" nursery today, we can smile and say, "Mission accomplished!". Suzie's experience and perseverance paid off in many ways and as a United Day Nursery "family" we will always be grateful.

On behalf of both former and current board members, parents, teachers, foster grandparents, and of course the children (and alumni!) of United Day Nursery, we wish Suzie and her husband Lyle a most enjoyable retirement time together. We hope they will accept our standing invitation and visit frequently.

God's blessing to you Suzie and thank you again!

Dave Miedema, President
Board of Directors
United Day Nursery

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