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Flood of 1997

Thank You -
You Have Been Such a Blessing

Thank You

United Day Nursery Director Suzie Thorson writes...

We have received grants, donations, and moral support from foundations and individuals all across the United States. It has been overwhelming, humbling, and incredibly wonderful. We are grateful for all the gifts - it gave us HOPE. God blessed us and we are very thankful.

I am thankful for my wonderful family that has been with me every step of this journey - a journey that I will never forget. I am thankful for my caring sister, Harriet, who took us into her home with open arms. I am thankful for all our Board members who gave me guidance and support. I am thankful for our Staff who are so dedicated to the children and gave so much of themselves. I am thankful to the foundations and individuals who gave us funds to make the rebuilding of United Day Nursery possible. God blessed me by surrounding me with his caring people and I am very thankful.

Thank you,

Suzie Thorson

United Day Nursery Angels...

The following organizations and individuals blessed us with the funds, toys, and supplies we needed to recover from the flood and rebuild:

  • Otto Bremer Foundation
  • United Way
  • North Dakota Community Foundation
  • Grand Forks Community Flood Relief Fund
  • Grand Forks Public Schools
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Bush Foundation/Otto Bremer Foundation Partnership
  • North Dakota/Minnesota AFL/CIO
  • Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Lutheran Brotherhood
  • Aid Association for Lutherans - North Dakota/Minnesota
  • The York Children's Foundation
  • Alan and Mary Ann Draves
  • Child Development and Learning Center
  • Motorola Employees, Schaumburg IL
  • The Progress Club Foundation
  • Trinity Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School, Moulton OH
  • Aid Association for Lutherans - Trinity Lutheran Church, Moulton OH
  • Grand Forks Lions Club
  • American Crystal Sugar
  • Grand Forks Urban Development
  • Garden of Peace Lutheran Day School, St. Petersburg FL
  • Ready, Set, Grow - Woodbury MN
  • Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos CA
  • Aid Association for Lutherans - Christ Lutheran Church, Hazelton PA
  • Calvary Lutheran Church Women, Rapid City SD
  • Pioneer Women
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church, Watertown WI
  • Bethel Lutheran Church, Marysville WA
  • Gateway 2000 Foundation
  • United Day Nursery parents
  • Other friends of United Day Nursery
The completed Spectrum classroom, July 1998.

Banner from one of the churches who helped us, Trinity Lutheran Church, Moulton, Ohio.

"I am happy that the Spectrum is fixed so Lyla can have her music room back. Our paper and Legos went with the flood but some people gave us money to buy new ones to use." - Rebecca

On July 2, 1998, we dedicated the rebuilt Spectrum classroom, in the lower level of United Lutheran Church. The Spectrum, along with our kitchen and lunchroom, was filled with nine feet of water during the 1997 flood, and everything inside was lost. With help from many generous organizations and individuals, we have completed rebuilding. Many parents attended the dedication, along with Board members and donors who supported our flood recovery. Greg Mannel, associate pastor of United Lutheran Church, gave the blessing. Director Suzie Thorson thanked all who helped make our recovery possible. Grand Forks Mayor Pat Owens also visited us. Before the dedication, we held our annual Fourth of July parade.

Suzie Thorson retired as of December 31st, 1998. She had been with United since 1972. Suzie will truly be missed by all the staff and parents of United Day Nursery, Inc. Suzie, we wish you and Lyle the very best.
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Dedication of the Spectrum classroom.
Pastor Mannel
Pastor Greg Mannel gave the blessing.
Suzie Thorson
UDN Director Suzie Thorson and one of our many helpers.

With everything that happened in the past year, what are you most thankful for and why?

United Day Nursery staff members write...

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